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Class 12th

Course Details For 12th Standard

CBSE Division incorporates XI & XII Standards. It finds its existence in central Board of Secondary education. XII standard is a national level examination point wherein the conceptual clarity & hands off in practical subject holds utmost significance. Again, the syllabus covered at this stage serves as a strong foundation for further education in the same stream. To fight for professional exams one needs to be thorough with the CBSE contents. Each and every subject becomes crucial from the perspective of overall percent of XII standard , which counts everywhere in the professional arena.


  • Accountancy: is the backbone of commerce stream. It is a practical subject and literally finds its application in all commercial streams.
  • Economics: is a concept based practical subject, given in-depth understanding about the market factors.
  • Business Studies: Is a theoretical subject providing an insight of the overall framework of business and its environment.
  • English: It is a language subject finding its presence in literature
  • Mathematics (Optional): is a logical, calculative & purely practical subject, requiring highest level of practice.