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Class 11th

Course Details For 11th Standard

CBSE Division incorporates XI & XII Standards. It finds its existence in central Board of Secondary education. XI standard serves as the base of a strong foundation for higher education in same stream and hence all the new subjects that a student comes in contact with gain prime significance. This particular phase of a student follows no set pattern. The syllabus & exams all are defined at school levels. So the study of the same is done as per the school specifications.


  • Accountancy: is the backbone of commerce stream. It is a practical subject and literally finds its application in all commercial streams.
  • Economics: is a concept based practical subject, given in-depth understanding about the market factors.
  • Business Studies: Is a theoretical subject providing an insight of the overall framework of business and its environment.
  • English: It is a language subject finding its presence in literature
  • Mathematics (Optional): is a logical, calculative & purely practical subject, requiring highest level of practice.
  Basically the academic level of XI & XII serves as a base for further education of a student. Any lapses in the same become hindrance in further studies in the same stream. Hence XI & XII standards of a commerce aspirant are the most crucial stage which cannot be played with. A thorough clarity of concepts, rigorous practice & mind-working of some basic yet crucial topics is must at this stage not only to ensure success in these standards but also to furnish a sound base for higher education.